Catching up on 2012

It was hard to say good-bye to a fantastic August and a memorable summer. We both climbed hard and climbed fun in Squamish with some new personal bests to take us into the fall.
We spent a ton of time trad climbing and working on our crack technique. Graham onsighted Horror’s of Ivan (5.11c) with several other great sends including Yorkshire Gripper (5.11b) and a flash of the classic Squamish Grand Wall (5.11a). He also starting tackling harder routes, including Sentry Box(5.12a) and Zombie Roof (5.12d). Kim focused on trad-techniques-on-top-rope, with a few leads up to 5.9, reaching her trad lead goal of the summer.

Evening send of Yorkshire Gripper (5.11b)
Cruising the Split Pillar (10b) pitch on the Grand Wall (11a). Picture was taken by the party ahead of us
Dan and I topping out the Grand Wall!
Kim leading a 5.9 in the Smoke Bluffs.
A sunny August day on the SmokeBluff Connection

Taking down the tent on a windy morning
But our serious summer addition was sport climbing. Kim sent Face the Music, her first 5.12a, as August drew to a close. Graham capped off his season with accomplishments including Mr. Negative (5.12d), Heifer Down (5.12d – second go) and Boiler Room (5.12c). Graham also sent The Bulb (V8) and Chicken Lips and A**holes (V7 – second go).

Graham climbing in the Circus – Cheakamus Canyon

September represented the start of our new lives in Vancouver. Kim had a great first semester, and really enjoyed TAing Biogeography and getting her research underway. Graham got a job at MEC and at the Hive Bouldering Gym – perfect fits in the interim while looking for other work. We have been bouldering all season at the Hive and have started to form a great community of awesome Vancouver climbers.
Today we headed up to Squamish for a day of bouldering in balmy -1 degree weather. It was fantastic!! Graham nearly completed an awesome climb (Immunity Challenge –V7) and Kim sent a long time project (Bo Bo Jones – V3). Despite the cold everything was dry, and we can’t wait to make the trip up again. 
Graham working on Sesame Street (V9)

Kim on BoBo Jones (V3)

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