The days of summer

It has been a whirlwind of activity for us this summer, both in climbing and otherwise. I spent 85 days in the field again near Vanderhoof, BC, collecting bird, beetle, and vegetation data for my Master’s research. It was a fantastic summer, however unfortunately the flat interior forests offer no opportunity for rock climbing.
Graham spent the summer in Vancouver, and had high hopes for a strong climbing season. In an unfortunate twist of fate, however, he ended up with a torn meniscus in each knee, leading to a halt in all of his usual activities. It was difficult to cope with the ruling of “no climbing”, and he did sneak in a few sweet sends, such as his first true onsight V7 (Styx in Squamish). To make matters worse, his double injury went mis-diagnosed for 5 weeks, after which opinions from several doctors remained inconclusive. While waiting patiently on the 18 month MRI waitlist, Graham got a call in mid-August to let him know there had been an opening for an MRI the next day. We are sooo lucky and happy we got that call, because the MRI results finally confirmed a complex tear. The fantastic doctors at Rebalance in Victoria have now put Graham on the waitlist for a bilateral arthroscopic surgery. Both knees at once. Can’t wait! And on the brightest side of all, Graham has been given the go-ahead green light to continue climbing in the meantime! Apparently he can’t worsen the injury, so it is simply a matter of pain management and listening to one’s body.
In an attempt to distract ourselves from the lack of climbing we have been working on crafts and home preserves. Drying food and canning fruit is getting us excited for the fall:
In early September we built a coat and key hanger with my dad from a beautiful piece of pine-beetle and fire affected wood that I collected this summer.

We have also just moved into our new home, and have been working hard to organize and settle in. The place is in a beautiful 100 year old house, which also happens to be conveniently located right near the Second Narrow’s bridge – fall Squamish climbing here we come! Although the weather hasn’t been too promising so far, we have made a couple trips to beloved Squamish so far this month. A huge highlight for me, was that I (finally!!) sent my first Squamish V4! Atlas, in the Grand Wall Boulders.

The rains are now arriving and threatening to hold us back on our projects (Graham: Vultures Circling  and Free Will; Kim: Mrs. Negative), but we are still excited for a stormy wet fall, and will make the most of it while we can.

All for now!

2 thoughts on “The days of summer

  1. Hi Dan! We didn't get notification that you commented 😦 Sorry for the very delayed response. We are doing quite well! (except for right now Graham has the flu…). I hope all is fantastic with you and that you've been able to get some relaxing time at home in between all the traveling. Stay in touch!


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