Hitting the road

We are on our way. Conversion = finished.

Our conversion project certainly demanded more than we expected, and of course took an unexpected amount of time to complete. We arrived in Victoria to work on the van on September 20, with grand ambitions of being on the road quickly. We were proven wrong…

Departure Goal #1: October 7, about 3 weeks after arrival. Quick rush for dentist appointments, insurance changes, etc before leaving.

Departure Goal #2: October 13, Thanksgiving

Departure Goal #3: October 18, leave on or around Mom’s birthday

Departure Goal #4: October 25, the last weekend of October

Departure Goal #5: October 31, make it back to through Vancouver before November

Departure Goal #6: November 5, we can do it!

Departure Goal #7: November 9, by the end of the weekend

Departure Goal #8: November 13, seems reasonable…and on our way before the weekend

Departure Goal #9: November 16, out by the end of the weekend

Departure Goal #10: November 18, before the rains come

Actual Departure: November 20, two months after arrival


AND we’re on our way now! Three and a half years in the making, we find it hard to believe that this road trip is really real. Over the next couple days we’re taking the Millenium FalcVan through Vancouver and Seattle to see friends, then will be off to Bishop, California for the first month or so of climbing. Our goal is to post at least once for each location we visit throughout our adventure. We will also post more photos of the finished conversion in the near future. Friends and family – we’re cancelling our phones tomorrow, so may the internet keep us connected.

For every great adventure,
Graham and Kim


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