Bouldering in the Bishop sun

Bishop, California.

We made it here in two days, driving south through Washington, Oregon, California, into Nevada, and then back into California. Bishop is nestled in Owen’s Valley of the Great Basin Desert, just east of the Sierra Nevada. We are staying for a month or so at the “pit” campground – friends and outhouses for only $2 a night can’t be beat!

We’ve climbed three days so far, two in a place called The Happies, and one day in the stunning Buttermilks. We’ve been climbing with a bunch of friends from Victoria and Vancouver which has been great. Dan, Mika, Tristan, and Julie are all down here for several weeks as well. It’s still a bit early for updates on progress and projects, but we have a few photos of the area to share…

The Happies is an area with a SUPER high concentration of boulders, and the rock is volcanic tuff like in Smith Rock. There are lots of pockets and fun holds, and the colours are lovely!

Kim warming up on the Sabres of Paradise boulder
Graham trying hard on Alex Patterson (V5)
Working the moves on Morning Dove White (V7)

After the Happies, we checked out the Buttermilks. The scenery is stunning. The boulders are big and well spaced, and the whole place has a light and airy feel. The granite boulders here reminded us a bit more of back home in Squamish, aside from the height of course.

Pretty scenery!
More pretty scenery!
Dan on top of a REALLY large boulder, the Grandma Peabody
Kim working on project Go Granny Go (V5)
Dan climbing Go Granny Ho (V7)
Graham considering a top out on the Smooth Shrimp boulder
Julie working the crux move of Perfectly Chicken (V5)
So close!!

And of course, there is life back in the pit. Such a fun place to hang out after a day on the rocks.

Jackson, looking majestic 🙂
Desert stars

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