Parents in Las Vegas!

This past week my parents flew to Las Vegas to join us in some classy fun in the flashy city. Mom and Dad were staying on the strip so we did our share of exploring the sights found within walking distance…

Water show at the Bellagio Hotel
We went to Paris and saw the Eiffel Tower! Cross that off the bucket list.
“Bond Girls” in front of Casino Royale

As Graham and I have been exploring the more “natural” places in the south west states, we took the opportunity to tour them through some of the areas we find pretty neat.

FIRST, we took them to Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam

Cute breakfast diner in old Boulder City
Touching the waters of Lake Mead
That’s one DAM big penny!
Connected across different states and time zones! (Mom is in Nevada, Dad is in Arizona)

On our second adventure day we took my parents into the scenic loop in Red Rock Canyon, one of the places we love to sport climb. This was their first experience getting to see us climb outdoors!

The Calico Hills
Mom tried her hand at scrambling
Me and Papa! ❤
We did our thing and they handled it well 🙂

We did the big drive out to Death Valley National Park on the final adventure day. It was very hot, and we ran the car PRETTY close to empty on the stretch between gas stations….but we survived!

Pretty hills
A hop, skip, and a jump down down the “salt river” at Badwater Basin: 282 feet below sea level
Coloured minerals in the hills along the Artist’s Loop
Standing on the salt crusts at Devil’s Golf Course

We had a great week but of course the fun ended all too soon after it had started… come see us again!

There is more to Las Vegas than meets the eye….

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